Comics for propaganda purposes

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Comics for propaganda purposes

Post by Hourglass on Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:08 am

How well do you think comics work for propaganda purposes? Do you think the format still has the impact it once did.

To this day I feel even one panel comic/adverts are quite powerful, especially this one:


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Re: Comics for propaganda purposes

Post by felneymike on Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:49 pm

These days it would be sneered at by scummy reds and Guardian columnists so much as to become worthless, but i love wartime issues of old comics, especially a 1914 issue of The Dreadnought i have which portrays Germans as being something between mindless savages and actual creatures from hell... only months after comics where they were just other characters. Of course such propaganda looks laughable almost a centuru after the fact, but some other stuff is still strangely relavant - most of the "don't waste paper!" recycling ads in the DCT comics from the second world war could be re-used today with a few edits.

In more recent times, there's been the book "Real Heroes" which features comic strips and also articles about the deeds of the Taliban... though i could see the creators of it considering the word "propaganda" to be an attack rather than praise. My own comics will have no such qualms, after reading Real Heroes i have decided to turn the Taliban into a sort of "byword for the enemy", in the way that Boers, Germans and Russians have been in the past. Should i ever create a cristmas issue (the currently being made issue, "dated" March 2010, has taken nearly 2 years to do XD) it will probably have a "That's the stuff to give 'em!" cartoon with John Bull disguised as Santa dropping a bomb with Bin Laden's name on it, or something.


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Re: Comics for propaganda purposes

Post by tony ingram on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:11 pm

Marvel's 'Heroes for Hope', a comic dedicated to famine relief published in the mid eighties, still stands out for me as one of the most shameless cash ins ever. Or it did until the following month, when DC retaliated with Heroes Against Hunger...

To clarify, my problem with both titles was that not all the proceeds (in Marvel's case, in fact, nothing like it) actually went to the appeal they were supposedly fundraising for.

tony ingram

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Re: Comics for propaganda purposes

Post by alanultron5 on Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:38 am

Religious `propaganda` is another area! As catholoics my Mother was appaled when I showed her those two Dudley Watkins strips in Sparky annual 1968-69. She phoned thomsons up and berated them. Mom's point was she bought the annuals for me to enjoy `fun/adventure` strips not religious propaganda!

Maybe me mom was over-sensitive, but she got a refund!


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Re: Comics for propaganda purposes

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