Your favourite CRIKEY! Issue.

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Your favourite CRIKEY! Issue.

Post by alanultron5 on Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:59 pm

As this `is` the Crikey! site! I thought I would open a thread for folks to praise whatever issue of Crikey they liked best!

For me it is No6 the DC Thomson slanted issue! In particular Phil Shrimptons "Jump Froggy Jump" article on Dandy/Beano free gifts. I found the way Phil presented it so engrossing and informative. He struck a good balance in giving factual date without getting bogged down in minutia!

Perhaps, the only (slightly) weak offering in issue 6 was Tom Sweetmans "Brightest Spark" article about Sparky comic. No insult to Tom, but as a BIG! Sparky afficianado I did hope for just a little more depth there! Especially about the strong surrealistic streak the comic gave readers for most of its lifE!

Only a minor `flaw` for me!

I must admit issue 10 didn't really interest me-but I know that Crikey needs to cover a wide spectrum of comic related subjects-and there were many letters of praise for issue 10, so it certainly appealed to a lot of readers!

yes! issue No 6 my fave Crikey-so far!


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Re: Your favourite CRIKEY! Issue.

Post by tony ingram on Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:59 pm

If I'm allowed to venture an opinion on this (narcissistic, I know) the issue I'm personally most fond of was probably #11, our first ongoing (sigh) full colour issue. Though #10 comes close (there's some stuff in that one that I wish had been in colour).
tony ingram

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Re: Your favourite CRIKEY! Issue.

Post by GBF on Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:21 pm

My fave issue of Crikey! is probably number 7 - as my best features were in there! Also, I took over after that issue...and it's gone from strength to strength from then on (cheers, Tony!). The 84 pagers were great to work on and I'm sad that the magazine couldn't continue in that format...

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Re: Your favourite CRIKEY! Issue.

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