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Dr Who Game: expand on the poem

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Dr Who Game: expand on the poem Empty Dr Who Game: expand on the poem

Post by Hourglass on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:28 pm

Tony you should remember this. How about we expand on it some more

Zagreus sits inside your shed
Zagreus watches Bill & Ted
Zagreus steals your cheese, and bread
and eats them when you're sleeping

Zagreaus has a friend called ned
Zagreus loved shaun of the dead
Zagreus made BF lose cred
which made Nick Briggs a weeping

Zagreus takes K9 apart
Zagreus just can't make him start
Zagreus lost a vital part
And his batteries are seeping

Zagreus on a summers day
Zagreus eats a Milky Way
Zagreus in Hampton Court maze
Gets lost and then starts screaming

Zagreus is a fan of 'Lost'
Zagreus likes Sir David Frost
Zagreus wins at cards a lot
But I just think he's cheating

Zagreus likes his fish & chips
Zagreus likes a little nip
Zagreus pours a Scotch, and sips
His answerphone is beeping

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