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Super-Spies & Secret Agents

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Super-Spies & Secret Agents Empty Super-Spies & Secret Agents

Post by GBF Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:32 am

Super-Spies & Secret Agents is back! Launched almost three years ago in a 52 page, black & white format, Super-Spies lasted only one issue. Featuring articles on Emma Peel, Nick Fury, X-20, Mr Ed (yep - the horse as 'double oat seven'!), UNCLE, George Lazenby's Bond,The Champions, an unpublished interview with writer Dennis Spooner and TV Century's very Special Agent 21 Brent Cleever this landmark issue took Britain by storm...well - not quite! Though well received, sales were not high enough to produce a second issue. Now, due to the wonders of technology that even Fleming (Ian not Glenn) couldn't have dreamed of, Super-Spies is back!
You pay us only £2.99 and we'll send you issue two as a PDF. Simple as that! This new issue features everybody's favourite CTU agent Jack Bauer, the long forgotten masterpiece Undersea Agents, The Man from O.R.G.Y., Secret Squirrel, Danger Man, an overview of HYDRA, The Professionals, Jack Kirby's rendition of The Prisoner and more! That's over 60 pages in full colour!
And you won't have to eat this one if you're captured by SMERSH, THRUSH or the hordes of HYDRA! Go to the Crikey! website for more details!

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