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Big Finish Klein Trilogy (+ Colditz)

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Big Finish Klein Trilogy (+ Colditz) Empty Big Finish Klein Trilogy (+ Colditz)

Post by Hourglass on Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:43 pm

To many McCoy is very annoying and when people think of his era it is often not fondly remembered. However BF have really flushed out the 7th doctor making him a very enjoyable character indeed. Their recent series of plays featuring the reoccurring Elizabeth Klein (a Nazi scientist from an alternative time line) has got to be not only McCoys finest outing but BFs finest output ever. The final play of the series, The architects of history, has got to be my all time favorite Doctor Who story ever. The beauty is it works on so many levels, and whilst it deals with parellel timelines you dont end up with the bitter taste that New Who leaves when dealing with such matters.
I know this is a shameless plug but I have to say, if you call yourself a Doctor who fan you have to buy these plays. They are astounding. I have not enjoyed a doctor who story like this in a long long time.

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Big Finish Klein Trilogy (+ Colditz) Empty Re: Big Finish Klein Trilogy (+ Colditz)

Post by felneymike on Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:54 pm

Shamefully i have not got any of them yet... though i do have a few Sexton Blake ones (not that crap new 'comedy' series that wasn't even funny anyway) which are great, if short. I'll look for some, er, next weekend, too busy this one XD.


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